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Our Processes

Making order from WebTiam is simple as follow: -

Select and Add Item To Shopping Cart ► Checkout ► Receive email from us ► Pay at Bank / PayPal ► Receive Item From Us.

For details, please refer to below processes.


This section will describe the following WebTiam processes: -

  1. Order Flow.
  2. Making a Payment at Bank.
  3. Shipping Flow.
  4. Return of Item - Refund and Repair.

Scroll down to see step by step processes of the above.


Step 1: Order Flow

If you do not have any account with us, please proceed to open one HERE.

Just follow the following 5 simple steps of order from WebTiam: -

  1. Add to Cart : Select the item you want by keying the Quantity and Click [Add To Cart] button. You may continue to shop and add the items to cart accordingly.
  2. Checkout : Once you have down with your shopping with us, you may Click the[Checkout] button or Checkout tag on the right top corner. You will see a list of the items you have purchased and you may delete if you added a wrong item to the cart.
  3. Shipping Method : We offer POS Laju within Malaysia as Free Shiping option. We will provide the Tracking Number update payment confirmation. Overseas customers, you may email on the shipping fee to your country.
  4. Payment Method : The most popular payment option is deposit or transfer into our bank account. You will received our bank account information if you chose this payment option. Another option is by Internet Banking fund transfer or Giro where you may use your bank internet banking service to perform this payment. 
  5. Order Confirmation : You will need to confirm your order at the Order Confirmation page. Please check the shipping address before confirming the order.

Please take note that we will ship your order upon payment clearance.


Step 2 : Making Payment.

Upon order confirmation as shown above, we will email you the Payment Information for you to arrange for payment at the bank as follows: -

  1. Received Email : you will receive an email from us with our bank account information for you to arrange for the payment. 
  2. Bank Payment : You may select one of our payment banks to make the payment. You may pay at the bank's branch counter by cash, transfer at ATM, transfer using the bank internet banking account or cheque payment at the bank's self service kiosk.
    • Counter Payment : You may complete the deposit slip and write down our bank account number, account name and amount to pay.
    • ATM Transfer : If you have ATM card of the bank, you make select the transfer option to make the 3rd party account transfer to our account by entering our bank account number. Please make sure the account name is correct before you confirm the payment on the ATM screen.
    • Internet Banking Transfer : If you have the internet banking account with any of the banks, you select the 3rd party transfer option, enter our bank account and make sure the account name is correct before you confirm the transfer.
    • Cheque Payment : If you write a cheque from any banks in Malaysia, please make sure the cheque is payable to the right person as per the order confirmation page. You make chose to deposit into any of our bank account at their cheque deposit machine at the branch.
  3. Notify Us : Once you have done the payment at bank, you are required to email us to inform of the payment by giving us the following information: -
    • Your Name;
    • Your Order Number;
    • Your Email Address;
    • Bank Reference Number, if any.
  4. Payment Confirmation : We will email you once the payment is cleared in our bank account.
  5. Packing : We will pack your order and ship to you according to your shipping address as per the order confirmation page.


Step 3 : Shipping Flow

Your order will be shipped to you directly from Kuala Lumpur. We will check to ensure the condition of all the items before shipping to you. This process of quality check will take between 1 day before shipping.

  1. Free Shipping : This is the FREE shipping option that we offer to all customers in Malaysia. It will be shipped with a Tracking Number. It takes 2 to 4 days to reach the shipping address in Malaysia.
  2. Store Pickup : You can pick up from our store in Kuala Lumpur.
  3. Courier Service : This is for overseas customers and the fastest delivery option but most expensive shipping fee with is chargeable based on the weight of the order. It takes 5 to 15 days dependign on your country.


Return of Item.

Should you found any descripencies with our products, you may return it to our local in Malaysia. This is the additional service we provide to the Malaysian customers.

You may return the item if the item you received is broken, or wrong item sent to you, or it is not operateable. You are required to follow the following process immediately: -

  1. Email Us : Please email to notify us within 48 hours by providing us the order number.
  2. Confirm : Upon acknowledgement from us to confirm the item and notify you the local address tfor you to send to.
  3. Send: You are required to send back the item within 7 days from our email confirmation date.
  4. Verify : Upon receiving your item, we will investigate and process the refund within 15 days.
  5. Replace or Refund : You can chose to have full refund or replace with a new item. For full refund, you need to provide us the bank account number.
  6. Close : We will notify you via email once the money is refunded or the replaced item is sent.

Return for Repair (under warranty)

For those items that are under Warranty like watches, you are required to send back the item for repair plus the local shipping fee for us to send back to you after repairing. Please following the follow steps for Warranty repair: -

  1. Email Us : Please email to notify us the item that is not functioning by providing us the order number.
  2. Confirm : We will check our database on the validity of the warranty. If the item is registered for warranty earlier or within the warranty period, we will confirm the warranty to you with the cost of shipping back the item. Else, we will reject the request for repair.
  3. Send : You are required to send back the item within 7 days from our email confirmation date.
  4. Verify : Upon receiving your item, we will investigate and if found it was due to changes made by buyer, we will reject the repair with reason. Else, we will proceed with the repair. The investigation will take up to 5 days to complete.
  5. Repair : Once confirm to proceed with the repair, we will send to our factory at our own cost for the repair which will take up to 30 days.
  6. Close : Upon completion and tested in working condition, we will send back to you frrom our local office.


If you have any query on our processes, please Contact Us.

Thank you.

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